Jones County firefighters rescued a 21-year-old from Juliette who was stranded on the Ocmulgee River for four days.

A Monroe County Sheriff's Office report identifies the man as Tyler Lee Perkins of Macon.

A state Department of Natural Resources report says he went to the river Monday afternoon and was reported missing Tuesday.

Fire Captain Glenn McMichael says he and his son found the man by the river around 6:00 p.m. Thursday.

Monday afternoon was a balmy 70 degrees. Perkins took advantage of the weather and took his inner tube to float the Ocmulgee River. That's when everything went wrong.

Perkins swam to the nearest rocky bank. He had lost his cell phone and shoes.

Someone had sighted Perkins and reported him to authorities.

Jones Co. EMA director, Don Graham, said he was only wearing shorts and a red sweatshirt.

Rescuers carried him onto the boat because his foot was injured. He apparently walked on a cactus.

He was found about a half-mile south of the Pope's River boat landing, between Jones and Monroe counties.

Temperatures dipped into the 20s overnight Wednesday and Thursday. Graham said he's surprised Perkins is alive.

"This kid was a survivor, there's no doubt. I can look into his eyes and telll that there's enough in him that he wanted to survive. But I knew he was cold, hypothermia, white, pale. And it was like he was wet through and through," he said.

Perkins was treated for hypothermia at the Medical Center in Macon. I spoke to his mother, Jennifer Perkins declined to go on camera but said he's recovering at home. She said he was scraped and bruised, but the lesson is learned.

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