She's been teaching for a decade, but Jemica Brown never imagined winning our top teacher award.

"I was so elated," Brown said. "I'm so happy. I was in tears."

It's all because of a nominating letter written by one of Ms. Brown's first-graders, Mariyah Davis.

"I have fun doing things with her and I wanted to do something nice for her," Davis said.

Ms. Brown says the letter makes her proud.

"We've been working on writing friendly letters," Brown said. "It makes me extremely proud that Mariyah did that and she did a great job."

Her students say they're learning more than just how to read, write, and spell.

One of her students, Brandon Lay, says that he's learned about "plants and the life cycle of a butterfly and a caterpillar."

Ms. Brown says her lessons click because she tries to make them fun.

"If you make fun, then most of all the kids will learn," Brown said.

On Fridays, she treats her kids to celebrate a good week of learning.

"On Fridays, we have celebrations," first-grader Germany Ragland said. "Probably all the other teachers don't do celebrations on Fridays."

"We get to eat snacks and watch movies," Lay said.

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