8th grade Appling Middle School social studies teacher Darryl McClenton is this week's My Teacher is Tops.


In recent years, Principal Steve Jones says Appling Middle School has sometimes struggled to get its students interested in social studies.

But that's not the case in Darryl McClenton's 8th grade Georgia history class.

"The fact that children hate school and there's a teacher actually makes you want to come to school is odd," said 8th grader Jamya Jackson in her letter to 13WMAZ.

She says McClenton has made her enjoy social studies, as the class learns everything from Civil War to Civil Rights.

Principal Jones says the enthusiasm shown by McClenton's students is noticeable in their test results. He says McClenton's class test scores were the highest at the school.

McClenton has been teaching social studies for 13 years, and is one of only 7 male teachers at Appling.

McClenton says he originally wanted to be a journalist, but fell in love with the classroom after serving one day as a substitute teacher.

He says he loves teaching social studies and his favorite subject area is Civil War history.

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