One teacher at First Presbyterian Day School tries to teach her second graders the importance of being kind, and on Wednesday those students showed her an act of kindness with the "My Teacher is Tops" award.

Second grader Chava Jackson nominated her teacher, Kristen Stone, for the award. "My teacher, Mrs. Kristen Stone, is such a nice beautiful and sweet person," said Jackson.

"I would have never thought that I would've won this award. It is such an honor," said Stone.

Her students say she's their favorite teacher. "Because she's very nice and most teachers are nice, but not this nice," said Izael Rios.

"She always reads to us every morning," said Lucy Bonfim.

Stone grew up in Bibb County and always wanted to be a teacher. "I love when they just finally get something and you can see it on their face," she said.

The University of Georgia Grad has been teaching for 10 years.

"She lets us do fun activities like painting and drawing," said Rios.

"We try to do that with everything we're learning, somehow incorporate drawing and learning and coloring and cutting and hands-on stuff," said Stone.

The school year is wrapping up soon and Stone says she'll miss her class. "I hope that they've learned, I think more than anything, that I want them to always remember to be kind to each other," she said.

She wants her students to always try their best and challenge themselves.

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