Bibb County Sheriff Jerry Modena plans to ask county leaders Tuesday to use the old Virgil Powers School for overcrowding of county inmates.

The building is located on 2nd Street near the current Bibb County law enforcement complex.

That consists of over half a dozen buildings including the jail, but Modena said they're in need of some extra space.

"We're starting to overcrowd and I don't like waiting until something happens," said Modena.

He said the jail has 966 beds, but for the last few weeks they've had more than 1,000 people locked up.

That's partly due to small upticks in crime during the summer Modena said, but it's also due to them housing some criminals that are out of their jurisdiction.

"We've got 24 inmates in here that are under 18-years-old. That's a state problem that belongs to the YDC," he said. "It doesn't belong here to us."

So now the Sheriff wants the county to let them move some inmates out of the jail to the old school.

The building that he's asking to use is directly across the street from the current jail.

"It was designed and used by the state, much as we're planning to use it," said Modena.

They used it as a halfway house for prisoners until about 2008, according to Modena.

"It's a dormitory-type situation what we call direct management. That's where the officers are actually down amongst them moving and talking," he said.

That's the same setup he says they're planning to use if they can move some of the low-security risk inmates over from the jail.

The former school building could house up to 130 inmates, according to the sheriff's office.

They will need to make some renovations, but they say it's too early to know exactly how much that will cost.

Sam Kitchens, who is Buildings and Property Director for the county, says they bought the former school when they purchased several pieces of land to build the juvenile justice center.

The county purchased that land in 2009, according to county public affairs officer Kevin Barrere.

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