MACON, Ga.-- Five days after putting on full pads, the Mercer Bears scrimmaged for the first time. Offensive and defensive squads rotated in and out after each drive to give all 104 players a chance to prove themselves in a game like situation.

"There's some good competition during the week and we knew we were going to be able to come out here in front of our parents and fans, and be able to show out in front of them," said defensive back Andy Nichols. "There was definitely some competition between offense and defense. Little bit of smack talking, but we're all teammates."

The offense took control in the first portion of the day, punching it into theend zoneseveral times. After a break for halftime and some advice from the coaching staff, the defense came out fired up. The bears in the black jerseys forced three turnovers early into the second half.

"I really thought the offense executed well early," said head coach Bobby Lamb. "They took advantage of the defense and then the defense bowed their neck in the middle part of the scrimmage and made some plays. I think it went back and forth, which is good."

The Bears have the next week off from practice to focus on work in the classroom and the weight room.

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