Macon Mayor Rober Reichert says he's drawing up a 40 year lease agreement with the Macon-Bibb Transit Authority for the management of Terminal Station.

His last attempt to transfer the property ended after a tie vote at city council.

If the lease proposal is approved, the Transit Authority would be in charge of managing and marketing Terminal Station.

Reichert says this would allow it to apply for more federalgrants, and all revenue brought in would go toward more transportation services.

Reichert says he thinksthe lease isa compromise, but some council members like Henry Gibson say they're still against it.

Gibson says, "Either way, we're getting rid of a piece of property that is valued at millions of dollars, and the taxpayers are still losing on this, and I haven't found the real reason for wanting to hurry up and get through with this thing yet, but it just doesn't make any sense."

Reichert says council could vote to change the lease term, but to get federal grants the transit authority has to have the option to buy Terminal Station at the end of that time period.

The public properties committee will discuss the agreement during their next meeting.

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