At a Bibb County School board meeting Thursday night, members voted to give acting superintendent Susanne Griffin-Ziebart the power to move ahead with the Macon Promise Neighborhoods project.

The partnership was started under former superintendent Romain Dallemand, who left in February when the school system bought out his contract.

The project involves the renovation of a new community facility to be called the Promise Center.It will be housed in the former Ballard-Hudson Building on Anthony Road.

The contract authorizing that building's lease became the subject of a lawsuit, contesting the way Dallemand and other leaders handled the contract.

Bibb County Superior Court Judge Edgar Ennis ended up holding up the lease agreement, saying there were no violations in how system leaders struck a deal.

The board's action Thursday does not finalize a partnership between the district and the organization, but it does mean, while she holds the temporary post, Griffin-Ziebart can make decisions affecting the system's involvement.

When the renovation is finished, the building will house early education programs, parenting classes, career planning, and other community projects.

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