On Friday evening, Audrey Fryer came back into her South Macon hometo find a car in her living room.

Neighbors say the car apparently was speeding down Nisbet Drive, went through a stop sign at the intersection with Reynolds Drive, then t-boned straight into Fryer's house.

"It was actually kind of mindblowing to come in and see and full car in the living room," Fryer said.

Mindblowing, but not entirely surprising. She says it's the third time it's happened since she moved there in 1993.

There are warning signs posted near the stop sign, including one that was knocked down by the car. Fryer now says having a guardrail there is a safety necessity.

"I don't feel at all comfortable staying here anymore," she said.

She says she's lucky she and her family were not home at the time.

Neighbors said the driver of the car was able to get out and appeared to be stumbling down the street.

The Macon-Bibb Fire Departmentand the Macon Police have not released the driver's condition or any charges. The car had Florida tags and was towed away.

While looking through the wreckage, Fryer found a bottle of liquor that she says wasn't there before the accident.

Fire or police haven't been able to say officially whether alcohol was a factor.

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