Helmets, pads, cleats and jerseys: they fill the shelves in the Mercer equipment room.

"We've got a black jersey for home, a white jersey for away and this is our alternate jersey," explained head equipment manager David McDaniel. "We haven't decided when we're going to wear that one yet."

McDaniel is in charge of getting all the football players ready to hit someone on game day.

"We fit every player, because every player has a different need for fitting. Some guys have large heads. Some guys have smaller heads. I'm actually certified through the Athletic Equipment Manager's Association to fit."

McDaniel comes to Mercer after a stint at Georgia State.

"Its been good having the experience starting up a program because I've seen it done before as an assistant. Now, I'm getting to do it as a head guy, so it's a lot of fun."

The next few days will be busy for his crew. They have to get all of the players fitted with gear before practice starts on Thursday.

It's a job that can go unnoticed, unless something is wrong.

"If your star quarterback or your star running back get something messed up, your coach is going to be in your ear saying 'get them back on the field'."

If that does happen, McDaniel will have spares on the field ready to go.

Mercer starts the season on August 31 against Reinhardt.

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