For Mike and Rita Hale of North Macon, Sunday night didn't go as usual.

"Mike and I literally jumped out of our chairs," Rita Hale said. "We ran around the house like crazy people."

That's because their youngest son, Tony Hale, picked up an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series during the 65th Annual Emmy Awards on Sunday night.

Hale plays Gary Walsh in the HBO comedy "Veep" as a personal aide to the fictional vice president.

During his acceptance speech, he didn't forget to thank his parents "Mike and Rita Hale from Macon, Georgia."

His parents say they're still shocked by the win.

"We so appreciated him getting nominated," Mike Hale said. "To see him win was absolutely phenomenal. We're still stunned."

Although Tony Hale grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, Mike and Rita have had ties to central Georgia for over a decade now.

Mike Hale worked as the executive director of the Warner Robins campus of Macon State College, which is now part of Middle Georgia State College.

Hale says seeing Macon grow into an educational city has been rewarding.

"Macon, to me, is becoming more of a college town," Hale said. "A university town as the hallmark of Macon, and I think that's wonderful. Now, we have a football team at Mercer. Things are just happening with that as the focus, and I think that's a blessing for Macon."

The Hales say family, friends and neighbors have been calling non-stop to offer their congratulations.

Rita Hale worked as a legislative aid to state representative Kathy Ashe from 1995-2002.

She says seeing her son play a similar role on-screen has been interesting and ironic.

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