Getting food on the table may get harder for many central Georgians who rely on food stamps.

That's because the U.S. House slashed $39 billion for the food assistance program over the next 10 years.

According to the USDA,1 in 5 people in Georgia currently receive food stamps.

That's five points above the national average and the seventh-highest rate nationwide.

"You're always hungry," Shelton Paul Jr. said.

When Paul was unemployed, he used to get $200 a month in food stamp assistance.

When he found a full-time job, that number went down to $16. Now, he's unemployed again and says those $16 just aren't enough.

"I'm standing in the soup line waiting to get something to eat," Paul said. "So them 16 dollars, they don't go that far."

He says not everyone is looking for hand-outs.

"Most of these people out here are dedicated people who want to make something out of their life," Paul said. "And they really need food stamps to make it."

The Department of Human Services says once his unemployment status is confirmed, benefits can be adjusted accordingly.

Others I spoke to say they'll have to cut out certain things off their grocery list.

House Republicans say the food stamp program grew too big during the recent recession.

They say they're trying to tighten up standards in some states that have allowed people to receive benefits during the recession when they otherwise would not have qualified.

The U.S. Senate approved a similar cut, but the White House says it will veto any large cuts to the program.

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