Many Central Georgians received a letter from a company called United States Prescription Discounts complete with a generic letter offering discount coverage and a "prescription savings card".

This card is free and is accepted at most major pharmacies, but there are some hidden costs.

The letter makes several claims including that the card "works on all FDA-approved prescription medications" and that you will "see savings of an average of 50%."

The card can provide savings to those who use it, but it's designed to benefit those without insurance and Bob Moody, a local pharmacist, says it comes with a few drawbacks.

"Different companies come out with them every once and a while and try to market to people who don't have insurance and if the pharmacy takes them it does help a little bit sometimes," Moody said. "But what they're doing is they're gathering information for the most part."

Here's a few quick things to consider before using the card.

  • The card is not insurance and does not cover co-pays for those who have it.
  • The card is accepted by many major chains, but NOT accepted by some privately owned pharmacies.
  • using this card allows the company to share your private information.

The bottom line: if you don't have insurance and don't mind receiving a lot of junk mail, this card could be a good option.However, if you have insurance, it doesn't really help at all.
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