Drumroll please.....There's an upbeat and unique summer camp for going on now in Macon for kids 6 and older.


Junior Journalist Victoria Landa visited Neighborhood Academy where Streetline Percussion's camp "Drums and Dreams" is teaching kids respect and discipline while they learn to keep the beat with an awesome instrument.

I wanted to know more about it, so I talked to the founder of Streetline and his mom the CEO.

"It's all about playing the drums and creating dreams," Charlene Waller said.

At the end of the camp, Waller says parents are astonished to learn just how good their kids got with Streetline.

"There's normally tears, crying. 'I didn't know my child could do this,' things of that nature," she said.

And volunteer Alysha Powell agrees.

Charlene's son Cedavean Waller, is a drum major at Edward Waters College in Florida. He says they leave with more than a sense of accomplishment.

"They probably never even heard of college, but now they have the skills that's a scholarship opportunity within itself," Waller said.

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