Monday 13WMAZtold youthat Peach County and Warner Robins officials were working together to bring a water park to town.

Mayor Chuck Shaheen told 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet that the park would go on Vietnam Veterans Parkway.

That's parallel to Interstate 75 between Russell Parkway and Watson Boulevard. That project is apparently causing a political stir in Warner Robins.

We spoke with Warner Robins Councilman Mike Brashear.
He's one of the council members who's been working on the water park project, and he says it's been in the works for over a year.

He says the state's Economic Development office sent Atlanta developer Jeff Franklin to Warner Robins last year.

Since then Franklin has met with both Warner Robins' and Peach County's planning and zoning offices, visitor's centers and engineering departments.

Brashear says the city already invested $2 million to build Vietnam Veterans Parkway, and they plan to buy three acres to build a welcome center and a Vietnam memorial there.

He says the city would then run utilities to that road, which would be an incentive for Franklin to build the water park there.

Mayor Chuck Shaheen told 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet Monday he was unhappy that council members are giving Franklin, an outside developer, special treatment.

But Brashear says that's the same treatment they gave to the owners of Rigby's entertainment center off Karl Drive.

Brashear says the water park would bring 50 full time jobs to town and 150 seasonal jobs.

Peach County Commissioners and members of Warner Robins Council were set to meetMonday to discuss the water park, but that meeting was postponed to Wednesday.

We've since learned that meeting has been canceled too.
So far no one is saying why or when it will be rescheduled.

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