Some of the best cooks in Georgia visited Fort Valley in hopes to become the state barbecue champion.

34 competitors showed up for the annual Hambone Jam.

They cooked in three categories: pulled pork, pork loin, and ribs.

There were over 50 judges on hand, and they were all chosen by the Georgia Barbecue Association.

They say choosing a winner was based on appearance, taste, and tenderness.

Lonnie Smith, a pittmaster in the competition, said, "It's got to be the right amount of texture and cooked at the right temperature... falls off the bone like it supposed to, and you got to hit that just right... not too sweet and not too spicy."

James Gill, of Bonaire, attends the Hambone Jam every year.

"That's the key. They have their own special way of cooking and if one don't taste right you go to the other one,"he explained.

Organizers say the state barbecue champion won$3,000 and bragging rights for cooking the best barbecue in Georgia.

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