Myron Mixon dispenses barbecue tips to help folks get the best out of your dinner, snack or competition plate.

1. If you go to a barbecue competition you might be disappointed that there usually is not a lot to eat. Mixon says seek out Florida Barbecue Association events. They tend to do a better job of letting fans buy food, and if you really have a passion for this stuff, become a barbecue judge.

2. The most important step in the barbecue process is letting your hog, brisket, or pork shoulder rest after pulling it out of the smoker. If you cut into it right away, you will let the juices escape.

3. Do not rub a dry rub into your project. Sprinkle it on top. Rubbing spices into your meal cause a pasty substance to appear in the end.

4.It's hard to over-marinate a piece of meat, but you can let it sit in the juices too long. Mixon says do not let your meal sit in over 12 hours.

5. Mixon likes to use fruit wood in his smoker.

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