A group of Perry softball all-stars are still rounding the bases in post season play for the Dixie Youth League.

Wednesday night the teenagers received their official team Georgia jerseys. These are the uniforms they will wear as they represent the Peach State in Alexandria, Louisiana this coming weekend in the 15 & under World Series tournament. The State Champs earned the berth after outscoring their opponents 61-6 in state play in mid July.

Team captain and centerfielder Lizzi Neal thinks her team has a great chance to be successful, "We just need to keep our eyes on the prize and not let the bond between us break. If we lose that bond, there's nothing we can do.

Neal's coach agrees, "They've got it all. We've got some good batters, ace pitchers and we play great defense", says Mike Kelly. "I think with unity of the team, we can go along way when we go."

The Girls are travelling Thursday and Friday, just in time for the first game when they hit the field, Saturday night against the host state, Louisiana.

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