Perry leaders Tuesday night voted to buy their city a Christmas present.

At a called meeting of the Perry city council, members approved the purchase of a parcel of land previous leaders have sought for years. Mayor Jimmy Faircloth says it will be turned into green space.

The land is located at the corner of Main Street and Houston Lake Drive in the old Harvey's shopping center. It's behind the Perry Athletic Club and across the street from Watson-Hunt Funeral Home.

Mayor Faircloth says a small business used to stand on the corner years ago, but after its demolition, the parcel has been little more than an untended concrete slab. He says that will change as soon as the sale goes through.

The plan is to beautify the lot and turn it into green space. Eventually, Faircloth would like to see a small corner park there.

The land will cost the city around $89 thousand. It is currently owned by Persons Family Limited Partnership. According to Faircloth, the buy is a good deal, "considerably lower" than the appraised value.

The council vote was 5-1 in favor of the purchase. Councilman Riley Hunt was the sole opposing vote.

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