What if there was a place for employees who work atWarner Robins' Air Logistic Center to receive first aid treatment immediately and close by.

Now there isRobins' Fast Forward medical facility opened for businessTuesday.

Six staff members including one nurse practitioner and three rehabilitation specialists make up the Fast Forward clinic.
Fast forward stands for: First Aid Station, Treatment and Forward Operating Rehabilitation of Workers, Accentuating Restorative Dynamics.

"This facility is dedicated to providing first aid treatment, first aid screening, and acute rehabilitation care." explains Dr. Michael Rappa, Chief of Occupational Medicine Services.

It's exclusively for Robins Air Logistic Center employees.
Dr. Rappa says their work makes them prone to injuries like sprains, minor cuts or burns. Because of their hours other clinics often aren't open.

That's why they built Fast Forward and made it close to the office. In fact, it's right on the flight line.

"They may be able to stop here and get done within minutes whereas if they had to go in their car and seek care elsewhere it could take them hours," says Rappa.

He says the new clinic can take care of ninety percent of the injuries they usually see.

There's even a waiting room, two exam rooms and a rehabilitation area.It's all in an effort to take care of those injured on the sidelines.

It took $175,000 to build the new medical clinic. They finished construction in April.

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