In October, we brought youthe story of a boy scout troop in Kathleen who had their trailer, full of camping gear, stolen.
Monday night,Academy Sports and Outdoors in Warner Robins sent the scouts on a $1,000 shopping spree to replace some of the stolen gear.

"The trailer had all of our troop camping gear. " says Scout master, Joe Kraft.

Seventeen year old MatthewKraft says they don't know whoor why someone stole their equipment, which included cooking gear, lanterns, coolers and tents.

A few months ago the members of troop 127 weren't sure how they were going to replace their stolen gear, and reached out to the community for help.

That's whenAcademy Sports and Outdoors in Warner Robins stepped in.

"It just kind of breaks your heart to hear that a troop had all of their equipment and their trailer lost, and we just would really love to see these kids getting outside and doing all of the activities they enjoy so we're doing what we can to help out," saysMichael Costello, Regional Marketing Specialist for Academy Sports and Outdoors.

Costello and the rest of the team at Academy sent the boys on atrek down the aisles for camping gear.

They stacked up coolers, lanterns and water jugs, and watched the total add up carefully to use their gift for the items they need for their next camping trip.

"This is hopefully the last of the equipment that we need to replace everything we lost," says Matthew.

"It was great to know that there are people out there that believed enough in the scouting program to donate money to help us back on our feet and get the boys back camping again," says Kraft.

Matthew says he'd like to thank"Academy Sports and I'd also like to thank everyone else that donated and supported us through this event."

Troop 127 plans to use their new gear the third week in January during their first camping trip of the New Year.

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