It's one thing for parents to tell their children not to drink and drive on prom night.

Hearing the message from other teens may make more of an impact.

Students at Warner Robins High School produced a public service annoucement, ahead of Houston County'sApril 20th proms.

Drama teacher Tammy Fisher says the board of education asked her to lead the effort. Her student, Nick Narsing, wrote the script, directed the spot and edited the tape.

It shows a little girl dancing with her dad. Then, it flashes forward several years, showing that girl getting dressed for prom.

Nick narrated the video for 13WMAZ saying, "She says goodbye to her dad, and once her dad is gone, she gets out the drinks. Her friends come over."

One girl grabs the car keys, and the group gets in the car, still drinking.

Narsing said, "They're driving. They all have their drinks in the car."

The car crashes, and the scene flashes forward.

Narsing said, "You see the girl in the casket. Notice, she's not the driver. She's a passenger. The driver is still alive."

The video shows the girl's friends and her father saying goodbye to her at her funeral.

A message comes across the screen that says, "Life is precious. Don't drink and drive."

Drama students, Kennedy Meredith and Mecca Akbar, acted in the PSA.

Meredith said, "It hits you as a reality even for us just filming it. It was kind of a reality check for us."

Akbar said drinking goes on before and after Houston County proms. She said, "I do know a lot of people who drink and drive, or have told stories about it and everything."

It's their hope seeing the PSA makes students think twice about the choice.

Fisher says the board of education wants students at every county school to see it. She said, "Kids now days. Its very true and truthful. They need the truth. And that's exactly what this PSA is."

According to the website for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, teen alcohol use kills about 6,000 people each year.

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