by Jennifer Moulliet,


- Changes may be coming to employee healthcare plans, increasing co-pays on brand prescriptions, ER and doctor visits.

- A local businessman and national sports service wants to partner with Warner Robins to attract minor league baseball.

- Some council members complained that communication about the baseball plan hasn't been good.

Members of Warner Robins Council tabled two major topics at Monday night's meeting: possible changes to city employee healthcare plans and whether to try bringing minor league baseball to the city.

Council is considering a contract to partner with a local businessman and a national sports service to attract a minor league baseball team.

A few council members were ready to move forward with the plan.

But others said a lack of communication within the group blind-sided them and said they wanted more information before they would commit.

"We've got to fix that because communications isn't all about the decision. Communications is all about the process; it's how people get there to make decisions together," said Councilman Mike Daley.

Council is also weighing changes tohealthcare plans for city employees, which would include an increase in brand prescription costs and co-pays for emergency room visits and doctor visits to employees.

Members plan to vote on both items at the next meeting.

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