The Little League Southeastern Tournament will start this week for girls' softball. With that families from all over the southeast will come to Warner Robins which can mean big business for local restaurants and hotels.

13WMAZ went to Shane's Rib Shack which is just yards away from the park where the Little League Southeastern Tournament will take place.

Jimmy Smith, the kitchen manager for the restaurant, said last year, they got big business from the tournament.

"Busy, busy busy from 11 a.m., until the evening time with all of the games," said Jimmy Smith.

Smith said they're prepping this year by having a few more people on staff.

"We don't want to be overwhelmed, but at the same time you don't want to have too many," said Smith. "We'll probably have two or three extra people in the front and back to make sure our customers are taken care of."

Last year was Ashley Wentz's first time working when the Little League Southeastern tournament was going on. She said she didn't expect so many people to come through.

"It was very insane. We are extremely busy around that time. We'll be packed out with different teams,and their parents and friends and family of everybody. And it's just insane it's nuts," said Wentz.

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