The loss of a loved one can be tough, especially for a child. Heart of Georgia Hospice is trying to give those children hope through camp Wings.

"I lost my dad on March 3rd 2012," says sixteen year old Alenna Wolmack. She says her father's passing was unexpected.

"I've never in my life experienced pain like that, I didn't even want to eat , I pretty much have shut myself off from everybody."

That's when she turned to camp Wings, a free camp for kids ages six through sixteen that have lost a loved one.

Sherry Robinson, who works with Heart of Georgia Hospice and says the children are separated into groups by age and meet with trained social workers to learn how to cope with their loss.

"This camp, number one helps them to see that they're not the only one, that there are other kids that have also lost mom or dad or grandma and also they get to talk with other children that have gone through this and they can share and bounce off each others ideas but more than anything they learn that their grief is normal," says Robinson.

She says they bring in horses and therapy dogs and on Saturday night they have a campfire where all the campers read letters to their loved one they've lost.

"We read it out loud you could either put it in the fire and send it up to them or you could keep it. I put mine in the fire," says Wolmack.

She says she's glad she went. "I was stronger and I had overcome it a little more. I don't know where I'd be, probably five steps back than where I am."

Wolmack says she wishes the camp was longer and because of the camp she may decide to become a counselor when she gets older.

If you know a child who's lost a loved one, here's how to register for camp Wings. Call Heart of Georgia Hospice at 478-953-5161.

There's a $10 registration fee, but if there's a financial hardship that fee can be waived.
Register quickly because camp starts Friday November 1st.

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