Road warriors in Central Georgia battled that wet weather Tuesday, as they headed for their Thanksgiving destinations.

Charles Bell from Warner Robins found the weather a bit daunting.

He said, "It was debatable today, whether I was going to get out of bed to come."

He decided not to let rain and cold dampen his thirst for turkey and a trip to see his great, great grandchildren.

Bell said, "I don't want to miss it."

The 95-year-old won't drive himself to Atlanta, although he does still drive.

Instead he paid Groome Transportation, a shuttle service, to deal with the headaches of holiday travel on the highway.

As he boarded the van from the Groome location on Vietnam Veterans Memorial Parkway in Warner Robins, he said, "I just sit back and look at the driver go down the road."

Bell believes the van ride is safer and cheaper than paying for gas, with prices hovering around $3.30 a gallon, according to AAA.

AAA: Gas Prices

Waitress at the Hartley Bridge Waffle House off I-75, Barbara Ridley, said neither gas prices, nor storms stood in the way of customers passing through Tuesday.

Ridley said, "I just actually waited on people traveling to Denver, other people going to Florida."

Restaurant regular, James Turner from Byron, will stay off the roads. He said, "They're drizzly and slick."

He's sticking close to home, avoiding traffic and airport delays stemming from storms headed to the east coast.

Although no accumulation of snow or ice is expected in the southeast, storms further north could create delays at Atlanta's airport.

Charles Bell will only pass through Hartsfield-Jackson, when his shuttle drops him off there.

His grandson will pick him up, and drive him the rest of the way to Stone Mountain for the family Thanksgiving celebration.

Hartsfield-Jackson is reporting some delayed flights. There were 443 as of late Tuesday afternoon, but no cancellations.

USA Today: Storms Affect Travelers

Wait times to get through security took ten to twenty minutes most of the day, according to the airport's website.

Airport Information: Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Wednesday, when that winter storm is expected to hit, is one of the busiest travel days of the year.