The Perry High School farm owns nine new sheep by way of a military training outfit located in Perry.

Guardian Centers, the company that bought the old Northrop Grumman missile plant, bought sheep and goats to help keep the grass and weeds down on 375 acres of property.

The company provides on-site disaster training to law enforcement and the military. There's a "sim-city" on-site, including a subway and collapsible building.

The two pygmy goats they have for eating weeds are working out well. The sheep, the "lawn mowers," did not.

Vice President of Operations Tim Maloney said the sheep got in the way of disaster training exercises and left a lot of waste in places it doesn't belong.

Maloney said looking to find the sheep a new home, they called Perry High School's agriculture teacher Phil Gentry, and offered to give the school the sheep.

Gentry was a bit confused by the call, but glad to accept the donation.

He said, "That's what I really thought, why did they have sheep? Because first of all, if you're going to get an animal for grass or anything, a goat would be the first thing you would have thought of. I didn't ask why they had sheep, because he just said, 'Come get them'. I said OK."

Perry FFA didn't have sheep prior to the donation. Gentry says they'll give students a new learning opportunity.

Maloney said they plan to keep the goats, Bentley and Silver, at Guardian Centers.

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