President Obama said he would sign a two-year budget deal passed by the house and senate, before the end of Friday.

It diffuses the threat of another government shutdown, and eases some anxieties about the coming year at Robins Air Force Base, says 21st Century Partnership CEO Bob McMahon.

At Friday's quarterly meeting at the Museum of Aviation, McMahon called the deal a positive step.

He said it will allow the Department of Defense to plan how they'll deal with cuts in their budget, as opposed to the "knee-jerk" reactions that occurred throughout 2013.

McMahon said the DOD spelled out some of the reductions coming last week.

While they may be painful for some, he said at least Robins employees will know more about what to expect, instead of operating in a climate of constant uncertainty.

McMahon said, "For example, we have seen the Air Force announce a reduction in 25,000 military and 900 civilians. They get to plan up-front how to do that, rather than half-way through the year, trying to figure out where those cuts come from, and what that will do is hopefully, dramatically reduce the chance for another set of furloughs."

He said increased stability at Robins should lead to more productivity in 2014. Workers will be able to focus more on their work, than what's happening to their job or paycheck.