WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term in a brief private ceremony just before noon.

The President took the oath in the White House Blue Room with his wife Michelle and his daughters Malia and Sasha at his side. Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. administered the oath.

The President made no formal remarks.

Vice President Biden was formally sworn in this morning.

Both took the oath today because they are required to be sworn in on January 20 under the Constitution.

The ceremonial inauguration will be held Monday at the U.S. Capitol.

About 120 friends and guests showed up for the private swearing-in ceremony at the vice president's residence on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Before the swearing-in, Biden, a Catholic, celebrated Mass. Biden was surrounded by his wife, children and grandchildren for the swearing in. Among the guests were several lawmakers, Democratic operatives and current and former administration officials.

Biden thanked his family, colleagues and friends for sharing the day with him. He then met up with President Obama to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

"I am honored," Biden said.

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