President Obama plans to tell Democratic activists Friday that this year's elections are a choice between the Republican vision of "opportunity for a few" and the Democratic emphasis on "opportunity for all" Americans.

"As Democrats, we have a different idea (than Republicans) of what the future looks like," Obama plans to tell the Democratic National Committee, according to excerpts provided by the Obama administration. "An idea rooted in our conviction that our economy grows best not from the top-down, but from the middle-out."

Democrats are considered underdogs in the November elections for the House and may even lose control of the Senate.

Early polls indicate that Republicans are favored to maintain their majority in the U.S. House and could reclaim a majority in the U.S. Senate, as GOP candidates attack the Obama health care plan and other economic policies.

In his DNC address, Obama plans to say he wants to work with Congress this election year, but that he also plans to take executive action on the economy when necessary.

Obama is also expected to criticize the Republicans for emphasizing what they are against, "whether it's the Affordable Care Act, or the minimum wage, or equal pay laws, or commonsense immigration reform, or the very existence of climate change," according to the excerpts.

"The people we serve aren't interested in leaders who only root for failure or re-fight old battles," Obama plans to say.

Republicans say the health care law and Obama-backed business regulations are slowing the economy and discouraging employers from hiring more people.

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