A Monroe County judge says state Senate candidate Spencer Price was libeled two years ago by a political critic.

Candidate Spencer Price today released documents detailing his lawsuit against Brian Zorotovich.

His news release describes Zorotovich as an associate of Zach Louis, aide to state Sen. Cecil Staton.

During Price's 2012 campaign against Staton, Zorotovich reportedly sent an e-mail to a group of Monroe County Republicans stating that Price did not pay income taxes from 2002-2009.

In his news release, Price wrote that was "patently false."

Zorotovich reportedly failed to show up for two depositions in the case.

On Tuesday, Monroe Superior Court Judge Thomas Wilson issued a $141,448 judgment against Zorotovich.

Price, a doctor from Thomaston, said he will donate that money to charity.

He wrote, "This case was never about the money, but rather, about the truth. Mr. Zorotovich refused to tell the truth and he will now pay the price for his actions."

When we contacted Zorotovich in 2012, he denied he was associated with any campaign. But Price's camp reported that he played on the same intramural basketball team as Louis, Staton's aide.

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