Our friends at For The Win, a sports blog for USA Today, do a good job catching some of the wildest,weirdestand funniest sports-related stories. Many would otherwise fall through the cracks.

If you're looking for a little distraction, here are 10 of our favorite FTW posts from this past week:

Reporter almost gets beaned by homer taking 'selfie' at Fenway

The better 'Iron Man': Tony Stark or Cal Ripken, Jr.?

Former NFL player banned from church after supporting Jason Collins

Man at Astros-Tigers game risks baby's life to catch foul ball

Michael Vick beats LeSean McCoy in 40, taunt him on Twitter

Blackhawks reporter fired after 'tremendous amount of sex' slip

Dream GIFs: Yu Darvish vs. Babe Ruth

Ohio State mascot obliterated by tackle in spring practice

WATCH: The 5 best strikeout calls by umps in the MLB

Alabama fan names band's album after Bo Jackson

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