ATLANTA -- A question that has dogged the Bulldogs on and off all season sparked a feisty exchange at Saturday's SEC Championship post game press conference.

Atlanta'sChuck Oliver of 680 The Fan asked University of Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt about his and quarterback Aaron Murray's ability to perform in big games.

Richt: I don't know what you're saying. Why don't you just say straight up what you're trying to say?

Oliver: There are people who say that you and Aaron Murray specifically come up short on the biggest stage against the biggest opponents. Do you have any response to that?

Richt: Is that what you're saying or you're trying to say everybody else? If that's what you're saying. Are you saying that?

Oliver: No... No, I'm saying that's what I hear every day on the radio.

Richt: Well that's for you to worry about then. If that's what you say, then I'll answer the question. If you think other people are saying that, I'm not worried about that.

Oliver has openly criticized Richt and Murray's performance on the radio before, but did not insert himself into Saturday night's exchange.

The press conference moderator moved on, opening the floor to other questions.

Hearing none, Richt thanked reporters and got up to leave, but then stopped to defend his team.

"I want to say something," Richt said. "If anybody thinks our guys didn't play their tail off, that Aaron Murray didn't play his tail off, they're crazy. I mean that's just, that's unbelievable somebody would even bring that up."

The Bulldogs were within five yards and a few seconds of beating Alabama for the SEC Championship and a spot in the BCS National title game.

Instead, Georgia will play Nebraska in the Capital One Bowl on New Year's Day.


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