Ronnie Jones took over at Westfield in 1993.

He led the Hornets to the championship that season, and lost.

"All of them are special," said Jones. "But the '93 group is real special."

That year was the start of a long career for Jones. He's the winningest coach in Westfield's history. After a few championship appearances in his 20 year career, he still doesn't have a title. Jones' encouragement every week has the Hornets eyeing another shot at state.

"I told them all year long that they're going to get better every week if they keep working, and that's what they've done."

Westfield's players took Coach Jones's words to heart. After a 21-0 loss at Tattnall in week one, the Hornets rattled off 11 wins in a row.

"Our defense giving up three touchdowns and our offense not being able to score... that was motivation. That was everything we needed," said senior linebacker, Bert Hiley.

Once the ball started rolling, Westfield was hard to stop. The Hornets won their remaining 11 games by an average of 22 points. Their closest contest was a one point victory over Stratford.

"They were one of the best teams on our schedule," said Hiley.

Part of the reason for Westfield's explosive margin of victory is its "Wing-T" offense. The Hornets place a major emphasis on running the ball right at the opposition.

"Our linemen have been giving us huge pushes and a lot of big holes to run through, and our backs are just making plays," said senior running back, Chandler Duggan.

The unit's ground game isn't a one-man show. Duggan leads a swarm of Hornet running backs.

"We got about three or four kids with over five hundred yards rushing," said Jones.

Westfield will try to ride that offense, and a white-hot winning streak, into the season's most important game of the year.

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