A senior from John Milledge Academy is set to play golf with some of the big names on the LPGA.

Ashlan Ramsey spends a lot of time on the road getting ahead in her sport. But she keeps her eagle eye on the greens and on her grades.

That work ethic has earned her Athlete of the Week honors.

Senior Ashlan Ramsey is low-key in class.

But inside she's beaming about an opportunity on her horizon.

"I received a sponsor's exemption to play in the Kraft Nabisco Championship about two weeks ago and I was selected among nine other amateurs," Ashlan rightfully bragged.

That is a big deal for the player ranked first in the state of Georgia and the first step to Ashlan realizing hergoals to play professionally.

"It's a dream come true to play alongside my LPGA role models and people I've looked up to growing up so its going to be nerve wracking and I'm going to have to learn how to control my nerves for it," Ramsey figured.

Ashlan is used to controlling things in her life.

She has crisscrossed the country playing in different tournaments as a junior.

Yet throughout her high school career she's maintained a strong "B" average.

"It gets a little overwhelming at times but my teachers have been understanding," Ashlan said.

Ashlan says she paces herself on her homework but every now and then things can get a little crazy balancing practice rounds and paragraphs.

"When I went to Ireland to play the Junior Solheim Cup it piled up with me rooming with the team, and (when) you're with a bunch of girls you don't want to do statistics homework," Ashlan said with a smile.

Statistically Ashlan knows it will be tough to turn pro.

But she's got someone to lean on.

Her sister Taylor is playing golf at Clemson.

Ashlan's signed a letter of intent to follow the same path.

And will depend on her sibbling to lend some support in the coming months.

"She is so excited for me," Ashlan said. "If I'm having troubles I'll call her if I'm nervous at night before a tournament I'll call her and she calls me if she's going out to play, or if she beat one of the boys at Clemson."

Now Taylor has caddied for Ashlan in the past but she's not going to do that at the Kraft Nabisco.

Ashlan says they're all going to be pretty nervous.

The event is April fourth through the seventh.

By the way this is the same grand slam that Nancy Bowen won. Bowen recently served as Wesleyan College's athletic director.

We will keep you posted on Ashlan's progress.

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