He may be a senior in high school, but that doesn't keep JB Bell from thinking like a pro.

"I've always told myself that I could be a professional student for the rest of my life," said Bell. "I like to learn things."

The Baldwin Brave keeps up with current events...

"[I have] discussions at the dinner table about what's going on with the Ukraine at the moment."

… and understands their implications.

"Russia's natural gas reserve is huge, so it doesn't affect just them. It affects everybody."

When he isn't catching up on global news, Bell draws inspiration from the Age of Enlightenment.

"One of my favorite quotes is from Charles de Montesquieu. He said, 'To truly become great, you have to stand with the people, not above them.'"

Bell is humble, but head coach Clayton McClendon gives him high praise.

"He's probably the best player and student athlete I've coached over my years," said McClendon.

The center mid is a goal-scoring machine.

"Last year, we didn't even score 25 goals altogether," said McClendon.

This year, they got 30 from JB alone.

Baldwin also got a brilliant soccer mind.

"He's a coach on the field," said McClendon. "He'll let kids know where they need to be; what the other team's strengths are."

Next year holds a new challenge for Baldwin's brightest Brave: a soccer scholarship to Georgia Military College.

"I have a huge love for the game, and I wanted to take it to the next level from the time I started playing," said Bell.

With GMC right down the road, coach will be glad to have him back.

"If we're playing in the spring, and they're playing in the fall, hopefully he can come back and help us out with all the soccer tips he can give us."

Here's one tip from Bell, on self improvement:

"I'm my greatest rival, and I always want to do better than my time before."

Wise words for a Brave that's about to be a Bulldog.

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