The Atlanta Braves pitchers and catchers report for spring training next Thursday.

One man will travel down to Florida to soak in all the action and see if he can make a deal or two for some cardboard.

Danny Grube is a retired Macon and Warner Robins high school football, baseball and wrestling coach. He loves baseball and could really use a little more room in his house for the passion he's built over decades.

There is no doubt that you can coin the term "collector" when it comes to Grube. His den is plastered with baseball plaques that showcase history.
Sure, you could call him a collector.

"This is the catch that Willie Mays made in the World Series back in 1954. Most pics are black and white but I lucked up on a colored one," he said with a smile while pointing at a print. "I've always thought he was the best guy who ever played."

Mays may rank in Grube's Hall of Fame, but he doesn't discriminate much when it comes to America's pasttime. He's even given a nod to the Warner Robins All Stars.

"I was president of that league for five years," he explained.

There isn't much wall space left for Grube to hang his hobby, but he has an idea or two.

"We could get rid of those plants," he said.

The flowers should probably stay put because Grube has spread his love of baseball through the whole house, even the hallway has colorful pennants.

"The ones on the right side are stadiums we've been to ... probably several times ... the ones on the left side are my kids favorite teams," Grube said.

Then there's the storage room in the garage.
This is the mother lode of baseball cards, the consummate collection of history.

"I've got every Tops card from 1954 till now except for Hank Aaron's rookie card. That's kind of pricey and I'm waiting to get a good deal on that," he said with a boyish grin.

You heard it right. The guy who has stacks of cards is always looking for a deal.

"I get things off Ebay a lot," he said.

Makes sense. After all a retired coach's salary only goes so far, but Grube's got a dream. One day he may give up all of his top shelf memories for one magical thing.

"I had always envisioned living so long and trading them for a 1957 Chevy but my wife has told me if my ticket comes up before hers she's selling them without a doubt," he said.

Here's another fun fact about Grube. When he was a kid, he didn't care for the Yankee's so he would put Mickey Mantle cards in the spokes of his bicycle as kind of a personal boycott.

If Grube looked familiar, he's coached football, wrestling and baseball at different schools in Macon and Warner Robins.

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