You will see some changes at the Warner Robins Regional Little League complex this year.

First, construction crews are putting up a large fan pavilion in the outfield at the top of the hill.

It will have picnic tables and ceiling fans for folks to enjoy.

And don't be shocked when things look pretty sandy on the field over the next few weeks.

Assistant Region Director Matt Weber says they aerated the grass and filled in some areas, but don't worry, everything will be good to go when the teams start piling in from around the Southeast.

"Many people come by during the day, and we did it last Monday and people have been interested to see what we might be doing," Weber said with a smile. "And we have construction up on the hill with a nice pavilion going in, and I think people are excited knowing that July 24th is when we kick off."

Of course, that kickoff will be the girls tournament.

And don't forget, if you'd like to volunteer during either one of the tournaments, the organization meeting is next Tuesday at the regional complex at 6:30 pm.

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