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commissioned a scientific poll, in conjunction with SurveyUSA, with residents from ten metro-Atlanta counties about the Atlanta Braves relocation to Cobb County.

The survey asked ten questions that ranged from the actual location of the stadium to the contribution from Cobb County residents and their likelihood to attend games.

The exclusive poll rendered results which indicated that the majority of metro area residents are comfortable or indifferent about the move.

The survey asked 500 adults the following questions:

The Atlanta Braves intend to move to a new stadium in Cobb County in 2017. Do you support? or oppose? this move?

46% Support

43% Oppose

11% Not Sure

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners will vote on the stadium plan two weeks after it was publicly announced. Is two weeks too much time ...too little time ... or just about the right amount of time to allow for public input?

5% Too Much

54% Too Little

38% Just About The Right Amount

3% Not Sure

Cobb County will contribute 45%, or about $300 million dollars, of the total cost of the stadium, through a combination of bonds, revenue from existing property taxes, and taxes on hotel rooms and rental cars. Is this a good deal? or a bad deal? For Cobb County?

46% Good Deal

37% Bad Deal

17% Not Sure

If the Braves do move to Cobb County, would you be more likely to attend Braves games? Less likely? Or would it make no difference?

29% More Likely

35% Less Likely

35% No Difference

1% Not Sure

The survey asked 146 Atlanta residents the following questions:

Should the city of Atlanta try to keep the Braves in Atlanta? Or should the city let the Braves go?

72% Try To Keep

18% Let The Braves Go

9% Not Sure

Did Atlanta elected officials tell the public enough about their negotiations with the Braves? Or did they need to tell the public more?

18% Told The Public Enough

76% Needed To Tell The Public More

6% Not Sure

Which is more important to the city of Atlanta? Building the new Falcons stadium? Or renovating Turner Field?

38% Building The New Falcons Stadium

49% Renovating Turner Field

13% Not Sure

The survey asked 106 Atlanta residents, who want the Braves to stay, the following questions:

If keeping the Braves in Atlanta meant higher taxes for city residents, would you still want the city to try to keep the Braves in Atlanta?

51% Yes

37% No

12% Not Sure

The survey asked 130 Cobb County residents the following questions:

Should Cobb county use tax dollars to build a new stadium for the Braves? Or not?

33% Should

58% Should Not

9% Not Sure

The survey asked 103 Atlanta area adults the following questions:

If a new stadium is built in Cobb County, how concerned would you be about potential traffic problems? Very concerned? Somewhat concerned? Not very concerned? Or not at all concerned?

59% Very

14% Somewhat

24% Not Very

3% Not At All

0% Not Sure

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