Wireless mice, keyboards, home systems leave you at risk

Protect yourself from mousejacking

Tampa, FL – Security researchers say your wireless computer mouse could be hacked and open the door to your entire computer network.

Researchers with cyber security firm Bastille tested wireless mice from companies like Logitech, HP, Lenovo, Amazon and Dell. They say the mice use unencrypted signals to communicate with computers and that’s how hackers can get in and take over. Read the firm's report here.

Jacob Lott, a computer security expert in Tampa, owns the Computer Doctors and told 10News WTSP it’s not just wireless mice or keyboards that should be concerning.

“Anything wireless can be taken over and exploited in the exact same manner,” explained Lott.

A wireless thermostat, lighting system, door lock, even a wireless refrigerator could make your network vulnerable if they use unencrypted signals.  Lott says hackers can use an unsecure device to hack in to a wireless router and from there install a virus or key log in the computer. 

“Unfortunately it happens to a lot of people and a lot of people learn the hard way that it does affect them in a great, great way,” said Lott.

Your home Wi-Fi is vulnerable to hackers

Once a hacker gets in to your system they have everything they need. From anywhere in the world, they can make your computer think you are the one using it. That means sending out personal information or transferring money. 

“It’s happening from their computer and because of that it’s very difficult for them to prove that they, you know, that they didn't make the transfer themselves,” said Lott.

Lott says hackers go for weak systems. He says the harder you make it, the safer you are.

He suggests the following:

-- Buy devices that use encrypted signals to communicate with your computer or wireless router.

-- Install antivirus or antimalware software.

-- Secure your router.

10News showed you how to secure your Wi-Fi by changing the password and name of your router.  You can find the step by step guide by clicking here


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