Monday afternoon, the Macon Housing Authority cracked open a mystery safe that they found buried near Tindall Heights.

But opening the safe didn't solve the mystery. Instead, it raised more questions.

Construction crews are working to dismantle Tindall Heights, but last week, they dug up something a little bit different than dirt.

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Two feet underground, a mysterious, locked safe was found.

June Parker, CEO of the Macon Housing Authority, says they had no idea what was in it or what to do with it.

Monday afternoon, dozens gathered as a crew worked to bust open the small metal box.

"This is the first time we've done demolition and found something like this," says Parker.

After several swings, the lid came loose, but the contents inside were a little underwhelming.

Two cassette tapes, 12 cents, several keys, and a few damp documents.

The only legible words? A slip from the "Frank Irby" plumbing company dated back to 1992.

We went to the business located on Bay Street, but no one was there to comment about the document found in the safe.

So, for now, the mystery continues.

"We still have a lot of facts to uncover," says Parker.

Parker says the investigation is just beginning, as they now will work to uncover what's on the tapes and documents.

The safe will be on display in a community center, according to Parker.



At around 4 p.m. Monday, the Macon Housing Authority cracked open an old safe that they found buried near Tindall Heights.

While everyone was hoping for something a little more exciting, all that was inside was 2 small cassette tapes, some documents, 12 cents, and a few sets of keys.

The documents were damp, so the text was unreadable except for a date marked 1992.

Representatives from the Macon Housing Authority say now the "mystery continues" as they work to uncover what's on those tapes and why this strange assortment of items was put into the safe.


The Macon Housing Authority says they may have found a time capsule buried in the ground.

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The CEO of the authority, June Parker, says they discovered a box that looks like a safe underground by a flag pole outside of the Technical Service Building.

Parker says the box could be empty, but she says it also could be some kind of time capsule.

The Macon Housing Authority will open the box Monday at 4 p.m. to reveal what is inside.