Proposed truck-only lane could get people from Macon to Atlanta faster

GDOT says adding the truck-only lane could help improve safety and traffic.

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, a new truck-only lane could be coming to I-75 from Macon to McDonough.

Richard May says five days a week he hops in a truck and drives. He says most of the time he takes I-75 through Atlanta.

“It’s a gamble. There’s so much construction and traffic and wrecks, you don’t ever know. It could be smooth sailing, or it could take you two hours to go 20 miles,” says May.

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May says the interstate not only causes him to be late making deliveries, but he says it also makes his drive more dangerous. He says especially when people cut in front of his truck.

“When you got to stop, that load in that trailer moves. You know? It makes that truck go farther than what it should,” says May.

But he says GDOT’s new project could fix that.

GDOT is in the early phases of planning a new truck-only lane on I-75. The two truck lanes, separated by a barrier, would run from Macon to McDonough.

GDOT says the $1.8 billion project could reduce traffic by 40 percent.

As someone who drives to Atlanta a lot, Stacy Wehunt says the project would make him feel safer because he says a lot of times truck accidents involve multiple cars.

“You could be driving completely safe, but if somebody passes you moves over slams on breaks, there’s nothing you can do,” says Wehunt.

May says if it makes the drive safer and faster, he is all for it.

“It could make it easier for us to get to our destination and leave,” says May.

GDOT says this is one of 11 large-scale major mobility investment program projects to improve transportation in Georgia.