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Request a visit from the 13WMAZ Weather Team!

Have a member of the 13WMAZ Weather Team speak to your students about the world of broadcast meteorology!

13WMAZ Weather Team

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Published: 7:34 AM EDT April 28, 2023
Updated: 7:35 AM EDT April 28, 2023

For years, 13WMAZ meteorologists have visited schools across central Georgia to share the ins and outs of the job we do on a day-to-day basis. If you want a member of the 13WMAZ Weather Team to visit your school to speak about meteorology and the world of television, you've found the right place! 

Our presentations best align with the fourth grade science curriculum from the Georgia Department of Education. 

We cover what it's like to be a meteorologist, the path we took to become one, different types of fronts and the hazards associated with them, and the world of television meteorology.

Presentations typically last 45 minutes with time for questions built in.

On occasion, we do visits with other grade levels as well. For example, we've spoken to AP Environmental Science classes, sixth grade science classes, and other groups that are currently learning about weather. 

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