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Braves fans brag after World Series Championship win on Wednesday

Emotions swelled as fans chatted about love, pride and excitement as we held open mic afternoon in Macon

MACON, Ga. — Wednesday belonged to Atlanta Braves fans as they set about reliving Tuesday night's World Series victory over the Houston Astros.

Levon Harris says he is a big big Braves fan.

"Oh, man, I was excited for the win it is what it is I just love it, he said with a smile.

Levon said he planned to purchase some new Atlanta t-shirts with the World Champs logo.

Danny Porter ordered new duds too but he cherishes an old Macon Braves hat he's carried for decades.

"Oh, I'm telling everyone in Georgia and everywhere else that hey you cannot beat now the Atlanta Braves," he exclaimed.

We figured lots of had stuff they wanted to get off their chest so we set up a microphone in downtown Macon and just listened.

Travis Patterson walked up yawning.

"What happened how how did this happen I'm flabbergasted, he said.

Patterson says nobody would have bet on the Braves to win it all back in April.

"We had a point three percent chance the day Acuna went down point three you've got a better chance of winning the lottery than the Braves had winning the world series this year," he calculated.

Kimberly Della Donna said this is the first year she bothered to learn all of the player's names and positions.

"I'm in love with Freddie Freeman I love that guy so much," she gushed.

And one more moment to share check out the pure joy on the face of Warner Robins police officer Matt Wojtel.

He pumped up the crowd ready to go in and get Braves gear Wednesday night at Academy Sports..

"Sometimes, we just get excited when our team wins the world series, he said as he sported a new Braves Championship cap and shirt.

We will wear the jerseys and hats, but nothing is better than the sweet memories that the boys of summer gave us in the fall of 2021.

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