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'It's all different but it still goes together': Mercer seniors final art show themed after The Breakfast Club

The seniors chose the '80s hit as the theme to honor the diversity of their groups abilities and their diversity as people.

MACON, Ga. — Mercer seniors are making sure you 'don't forget about them' during the newest exhibition at the McEachern Art Center (The MAC) titles Sincerely, Yours.

The seven seniors themed the show after the '80s classic The Breakfast Club. 

They chose the film to honor the diversity of their groups abilities and their diversity as people.  

"I feel that's where we're in common because we're all different but we get along, and I feel like that was a cool thing to play off of when putting our work together because you can see that's it's all different but it still goes together," senior Max Bickers said. 

But unlike the group of misfits in the film, Bickers says they all worked well together and their work compliments each other.   

Bickers' paintings are all his happiest memories from his time in college, both on and off campus. His works are done in a warm color palette and many of fishing trips. 

Another senior, Pedro Guillen, says he was anxious during the April 21 opening reception.

"Once everyone started flooding in, talking to me, looking at it really appreciating it, it was very comfortable and made me feel really proud of what I've done," Guillen said. 

His work is a mixture of digital and physical media. It focuses on beloved memories of people and places in his life. One work he says is meant to convey a sense of fleeting youth in a beautiful way.

"The overall theme would just be like encompassing some kind of emotional attachment while still maintaining some sense of aesthetic. Of course, I do want it to have meaning, I want it to be personal to me and convey a message, but I do still want to present it in an aesthetic way," Guillen said. 

But the exhibit has works in many different mediums from creative calendars to a a dorm room polaroid display as a reflection on Black girlhood to a work discussing the issue of gentrification in Puerto Rico. 

Bickers says he and his classmates have a lot to say if you come see the exhibition.

"I think it's definitely worth coming to see. It's a very diverse body of work but it all works together and it's very interesting to see the different stories that each of my classmates and myself have to tell," Bickers said.

You can see Sincerely, Yours at the McEachern Art Center through May 18.

The gallery is open on Thursdays through Saturdays from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. in downtown Macon. 

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