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Creatives put their skills to the test during All Hands Art Festival Art Olympics

The All Hands Art Festival is a 3-day celebration of all things handmade from metal and clay to glass and wood.

MACON, Ga. — You can watch local artists compete against each other in a series of trials during the first-ever All Hands Art Festival.

It all goes down next Friday at Triangle Arts Macon.

The All Hands Art Festival is a celebration of all things handmade, from metal and clay to glass and wood. 

There will be music, food, several art vendors and a chance to watch artist put their skills to the test during a Fine Art Olympics. 

The Art Olympics happen on the last day of the festival. Artists will have to create under time constraints and even blindfolded, just to name a few obstacles. 

567 Center Fine Art Director Jamie Adams says the event will be an annual festival where the fine arts in 3D can be showcased and appreciated. 

"I think it's really nice to showcase the fine arts and the process as well as just the final product which are in so many vendor markets. And so that will be really the fun display of it all," Adams said.

Nichole Firebaugh is a beginner potter, but she's competing in the Art Olympics. She did some pottery in high school but had never worked with a pottery wheel until she started working with Adams at the 567 Center.

She'll be going up against some pottery experts, but she says will be more fun than intimidating for her.

"You know I think because pottery is so fun and so enjoyable, and I think as adults you forget that you can make a mess with your hands and just not be so serious about whatever you're making and that's been fun for me," she said.

Firebaugh says she loves the freedom of pottery.

"Coming from me who never goes into it with a lot of intentionality, so just like 'Oh what am I gonna make? This could be a thing' but yeah, the freedom and not having to feel so structured about it. Once you learn the fundamentals, you can kind of just have fun," she said.

The All Hands Art Festival begins on Sept. 30 and runs until Oct. 2. 

For a full list of times and events, check out the tab on the 567 Center website.


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