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'Think that was me when I was a teenager': Sit on the stage during 'The Wolves' at Macon Little Theatre

"The Wolves," written by Sarah DeLappe, is a modern slice of life story about a high school girls soccer team. During shows, you can even sit on stage.

MACON, Ga. — The 2017 Pulitzer Prize-nominated play "The Wolves" is coming to the Macon Little Theatre stage. If you want to have an up-close experience, you can even sit on stage during performances.

"The Wolves," written by Sarah DeLappe, is a modern slice of life story about a high school girls soccer team. Audience members watch as the girls discuss hard topics from personal drama to global politics. 

"It kind of shows that girl locker rooms are not that different than boy locker rooms and how they're portrayed in media, and the conversations that go on and the things that girls "aren't supposed to talk about" and that they do," actress Cassidy Hall said.

The show features an all-female cast. The performers say it's an important story anyone can relate to. 

"This is, I think, one of the coolest things that I have ever done with theatre because it feels a lot more like real life," actress and Stratford student Elinor Fenimore said.

The actresses say the story of "The Wolves" is one everyone should come to see and it is unlike anything a Central Georgia theatre has put on before. 

Actress Gracie Childers says she's used to playing fictional characters, often in musicals. She says her role as the goalie in "The Wolves," a character with deep social anxiety, is special because that character feels real.

"It will also shed light on things your friends are going through or maybe your family members, especially if you have a kid. Maybe this is what your high-schooler is talking about on a daily basis and things that they're dealing with," she said. 

Hall says there is a character everyone can identify with in this show. 

"I know, personally, I have met every single one of these characters in real life. I have met people just like them, and so I think it will be really cool for audience members to hear us say something or see a character and think, 'That was me when I was a teenager,'" Hall said. 

Macon Little Theatre has also partnered with a few Macon mental health organizations to provide more information on the topic in their lobby during performances.

"I think it will give people a lot of new information and shed a lot of light on important subjects and things that happen to each of us daily," Childers said about the play.

Fenimore says she thinks teen girls especially should see this show.

"This is for us, this is about us, and it's things that might seem like we don't talk about that much, but I think it's really important and I think that everybody should come out and see it," she said.

Opening night for "The Wolves" is Friday,. For information on how to get tickets, go to the Macon Little Theatre website.

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