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Meet Dixie the Pig and other farm animals at this unique Georgia state park

It's the only state park with farm animals that you can feed.

TELFAIR COUNTY, Ga. — About an hour outside of Telfair County sits General Coffee State Park.
It's a cool place with one feature that none of Georgia's other 52 state parks have on their grounds.

General Coffee State Park sits on about 15 hundred acres in Nichols county. It's named after U.S. Congressman and military leader.

No other park in the system has a replica of a working farm complete with critters.

MiKayla Spencer came on board in April as the park manager.
"We have goats, sheep, chickens. We have a pig, a horse, two donkeys," she listed.

There is also a large pig named Dixie. She loves to dine on eggs as a treat courtesy of the chickens.

You can feed her, but bring a wet wipe.

"She gets your hands all messy," Spencer said with a chuckle.
Or give the goats something to chow down on besides hay.

Credit: Suzanne Lawler

"The goats and sheep are most food motivated. They just have to hear the crinkle of a bag they're coming down and ready to get food," Spencer said.
They also have a pretty extensive reptile collection.

"From Kids to older folks, they all want to see the snakes and learn more about them and a lot more people than you think want to pet them as well, Spencer said.

If snakes aren't your thing, no problem. Stop into the interpretive center and give the nod to living history.

"We also have ladies that come every Wednesday, and they make homemade quilts that we sell in the front office, and they're our quilting group, she said.

Want to weave together on a weekend trip? You can stay in Burnham cottage. It dates back decades with a claw foot tub inside and four poster beds.
"But it has that rustic vibe, and it has that experience that you normally wouldn't get to stay in," She said. "You might go to a museum and see it, but you get the opportunity to stay inside the building itself."

General Coffee sits in Nichols county, which is in south Georgia, so they have a swampy area called 17 rivers.

It's a good bet you'll see wildlife here. "Lots of birds, lots of songbirds, a really good spot to sit if you want some quiet time to yourself," Spencer said.

There is also another water element, a 4 acre pond, and DNR stocks it so all of the bream. Catfish and bass will be all locked in here. There are tree stumps for structure, and MiKayla says they've seen huge catfish.

So if you want a unique experience, head to General Coffee camp or spend the day.

The park has places for you to stay beside Burnham cottage, with dozens of campsites, four cottages and four Equestrian sites, along with horse trails throughout the area.


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