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Warner Robins band Company of Crows excited about Independence Day Concert debut

Darin Curtis describes the group's sound as a cross between bluegrass and country

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — From 9 to 5, Darin Curtis mulls over maps of Warner Robins.

He's a manager in planning and zoning, which is a far cry from music.

Curtis is the lead singer for Company of Crows, and the two worlds sometimes collide when folks walk through the door and do a double take.

"They recognize me from my other job and it is pretty wild, and people get a kick out of it," he said with a chuckle.

His "other job," as he calls, is it his passion.

He picked up a guitar and started strumming with his buddy Chin Lee Krirat late in his teenage years.

Krirat is also in the band, and many times the two will go out and perform together.

When Darin got the call about the Independence Day Concert, he called it "surreal," his bandmates called it "unbelievable."

"I think I had to tell them three times. They were like, 'Really?'" he said.

Yes, really.

They will grace the stage where Jimmie Allen, Hunter Hays, and Betty Cantrell have entertained the crowds, but you can't really hold them to one genre of music.

"We'll pull from rock influences, but it's a healthy dose of bluegrass. I guess you could say there are some country songs there, too,"  he described.

The musicians in Company of Crows have jobs like Darin's, so they hope the extra publicity might put them on the map.

"We're not ones to get out and pound the pavement and spread the word," he admitted. "My hope is we'll play in front of enough people that we'll get a little recognition and they'll want to come back and see us again."

But even if Company of Crows gets popular, Darin says he has no plans to fly the coop from the city annex building.

"Oh, no, I'm not going anywhere. If you've got a zoning issue, come and see me,"  he said with a smile.

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