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Unadilla native gets to test his skills during Christmas Cookie Challenge on The Food Network

Cory Jones of Unadilla is representing us this weekend as he bakes his way to the top of the food chain on the food network.

UNADILLA, Ga. — Cory Jones of Unadilla is representing Central Georgia as he bakes his way to the top on The Food Network.

"So I got started baking about 5 years ago. I never expected to get this far but I knew I was good at what I did," Jones said.

His cookie making, and baking skills are being put to the test during the Christmas Cookie Challenge.

However, his journey landing a spot on the show wasn't a holiday fairy tale. 

"I actually applied to Christmas Cookie Challenge a few years back not long after I had started baking and doing cookies. Made it really far then got axed," Jones said. 

Little did he know he'd get a second bite at the competition.

"This year in February they reached out to me," he said.

From there, things took off with interviews then securing his spot and going head to head with challengers.

"Not only is it $10,000 that you can win, it's the title of Christmas Cookie Champion and there's a coveted golden ornament that you get," Jones said.

Getting that top spot means a lot not only to Jones but to the entire cooking baking world. 

"Getting this title would mean a lot to me because there's a whole universe of cookiers and this is like the biggest title you can get in the cookie world," he said.

If you want to know if Jones can cook up the title of Christmas Cookie Champion tune into The Food Network on Sunday at 8 p.m.

As seen on TV, you can check out Cory Jones' cookie magic yourself. 

He's about to open a commercial kitchen space where you can taste Jones' creations.

It is not open to the public but you'll be able to order them in the near future. 


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